Parliament approves bill that criminalises hate speech & hate crimes

Anything is hate speech and racism. Lmao. Jail for you!
it's not about racism or hate, it's about control.

He came closer to the bed. 'For ever!' he repeated. 'And now let us get back to the question of "how" and "why". You understand well enough how the Party maintains itself in power. Now tell me why we cling to power. What is our motive? Why should we want power? Go on, speak,' he added as Winston remained silent.
Criticism of The Party.

That is the real sin against society.

Sometimes I wonder if Orwell would still have written Nineteen-eighty-four, if he knew it would be interpreted as a manual.

Similar to Machiaveli's 'The Prince'. At a corporate level, the insiders look to 'The Prince' as a manual.
The OP linked article doesn't actually say it has been signed into legislation yet. That was Wednesday, last week.

Can someone confirm if it has, or not, been signed onto the books by the president?