Passport enquiries


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Oct 27, 2008
I have a few questions and I was hoping someone had advice :)

I need to book a flight in the next few months (to Brisbane for travel in April next year).

Does anyone know when is the best time to book to get the best rate? Now or closer to the time?

Secondly, I have an Australia passport and a South African passport. What do I book the tickets under and what do I travel on?

Thirdly, and this is the one I am most stuck with :) My South African passport expires next year August. Which means it's less than 6 months from my travel date. However if I try renew it now, they want to charge me double as a penalty for early renewal. What do I do?

Thanks so so much in advance :)


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Jan 26, 2009
I'd say book 2 months from departure date as the prices are standard up to that point. After the 2 month mark the prices start increasing. Seeing as you have time i;d also suggest that you watch out for airline specials up to the 2 month mark.

As for your passport question I always book on my European passport. I'd say book on the AUS passport and travel with it when entering and leaving AUS. Use the RSA passport when leaving and entering RSA.