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Oct 31, 2007
You so lucky to be living in the WC.
I miss the WC. A LOT.
Last time I rode there was December, felt good to be back. Initially I did not plan to get a year permit because the farms I ride through to get there are all fenced off now due to their proximity to Kayamandi. Then there was the lockdown so when they offered year permits at half price (cause half year) I bought one. Very thankful I did.


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Aug 15, 2019
I ran Seapoint branch for Early Bird when year 2000 happened. Witnessed the fireworks displays and celebrations. Beautiful.

South Africa had so much hope for a wonderful future than.

Yea. ANC has destroyed my soul.
Hope turned to hate.

I'm not alone feeling this way.



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Feb 25, 2012
South Africa had so much hope for a wonderful future than.

South Africa in general can be pretty spectacular... But the way things have been, and the way things are going - it's now worth the effort to make the move to other parts of the world, with even more spectacular landscapes :)

I believe the WC pales in comparison to the Pacific North West for example

The cape winelands cannot compete with the farmlands in the south of France, the Napa valley, palouse or Tahoe

The Alps, Rocky Mountains, and the Black Forest in particular put the Drakensburg to shame

Just some of the examples I can think of - but saying this SA is still incredibly beautiful