PayPal nets 1 million accounts in SA

1 million PayPal accounts in SA

PayPal says it has opened up in excess of 1 million accounts in South Africa, since its launch with FNB in 2010.

Despite FNB rather than because of FNB.

If you only rarely use the facility, FNB makes it easier to illegally keep you cash in Paypal, or to pay someone with a foreign Paypal in exchange for Rands in cash, than withdrawing... thanks FNB, who made my account "dormant" and can't "wake it up". Now I need another full FICA registration and a new account. So stupid.
I have a PAyPal account without going through FNB. I cant receive monies though.
Ya, Paypal sent me some letter, and said "the law" and FNB said "the law" so I filled in the forms, and it stopped at requests for FICA, the preventer of banking (what's a fax machine, and where is the FNB branch?). I'm sure it's important, but I'll get to it if I ever need to come back to it. I'm pretty sure I am counted as one of the millions of accounts.
The charges to receive money from overseas :sick: . It's a good service though