Stock up on non-perishables I say.... The party is only starting.
Does today's increase include the etoll repayment or is that still to come?
So the Rand is up 2.55% against the USD.
Oil is only up 3.7%

And yet we have a 4.8% increase in the price.
Am I the only one who laughs at people who queue at the petrol station the night before the petrol price increases just save R40 or R50 on a full tank of petrol?
It’s a reason for people to be out of the house. Well worth it.
MyBB experts will be along shortly to say you can always leave
You can always leave :X3:

But seriously, in 2020, I was forking out $1.95 gallon, today at the same station, the gas price is $3.40.

The difference is that in SA a huge chunk of the fuel price is tax, and if you could see what you were getting for that tax, no fine, but I dont think you see any benefit.