Pilchard curry

Is it all an act, or not ?

No idea, all I saw was a 40 second trailer for his show and it was too much to bear. Unfortunately the problem with punching him is that it wouldn't just be considered assault but a hate crime too.
Hey Blu

My recipe, made it on Sunday because that was all that was left lol

Half onion diced
1 t ginger and garlic paste
1 de-seeded chilli sliced
spice mix (everyone has their own consisting of guram masala,chilli powder, turmeric, cinammon,elachi etc and those wonderful spices)
1 t sugar

Brown onions in oil, add spice mix and brown spices till that aroma hits you in the face, add can of pilchards in tomato sauce, stir gently to mix spices in,simmer for 5 mins, dont stir the food too much, you will break the pilchards, 5 mins from the end i like to crack 2-3 eggs in pre formed wells and leave it (dont stir it at all), until the eggs are done to your liking.I like the eggs to be slightly runny, egg and tinfish curry!
what brand of pilchard is best? luckystar, Saldanha etc
Doesn't matter. Generally lucky star is used
Lucky Star has become really fishy, the vrot kind of the fishy post pandemic, it tastes absolutely disgusting now. (Though the average smoke snoek and Bombay duck enjoyer will probably think of it as an improvement)

I think the white can is only remaining edible tin fish brand, I think it's called Saldana but I'll need to recheck.
It's well documented that I am a Pilchard aficionado, but I will never do something this disgusting to them. Curry? Sif saffas.
The SO made tin fish breyani on Wednesday. I'm personally not a fan but everyone else loves it.
That is pretty popular in the CC households in WC & Indian folks in DBN. From my experience at least.

I enjoy it.
Yeah, thats true. Wife is from Durbs and i'm from Jozi and we never had this growing up. Actually cooking styles and dishes are quite different from back in the day.