Ping issues between CPT and JHB Afrihost


Senior Member
Apr 10, 2012
Hi Guys,

I picked up this issue last week and tested again last night.

Whenever I create a public game in Black Ops II Zombies and invite friends from JHB to join in, their pings jump between 200 - 999, yes, 999 ping. Where mine is +- 18.

To make sure the issue wasn't on their side, they created a public game and invited me, now my pings were between 200 - 999 and theirs under 20. For vark sakes, I don't event get this bad pings on the D3 EU servers. :mad:

Now I'm based in Durbanville, and I've heard about the congestion here, could it actually be caused by this?

Or another fantastic Afrihost/MTN issue? :confused: