Plan to charge SA Netflix users TV licence fees is based on "good principle" - Expert


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May 13, 2010
South African Broadcasting Corporation

netflix does not broadcast from South Africa nor is it South African.

It's right in the title...


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Apr 11, 2006
Watch how this poor proposal gets window-dressed and re-presented, with people then suddenly welcoming it because "at least it's not as bad as the original proposal".


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Jun 14, 2011
So here is the kicker, while reading this post I get an email from the SABC saying my TV License is due.

Now over the last three months there have been news reports, articles that the SABC is going to shut their doors due to the business not being viable anymore, then another article of corruption and mismanagement. So out of principal, morals and values do I pay my TV license to a potentially non-viable service which nine times out of ten is corrupted and mismanaged.

The last time I watched any SABC service was maybe seven years ago...the reason, they broadcast absolute trash.
So this is a service provider that is forcing all SA consumers to pay for a service that is non existent and doesn't deliver.

So out of principal, the SABC being a service provider, do I pay my TV License?


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Jun 23, 2008
“The TV licence fee is outdated but the need for a publicly funded SABC remains. Bottom line, the vast majority of our people rely on the SABC for their news and information.”

“If you underfund the SABC you underfund democracy because you underfund the ability to hold power accountable and help citizens to make informed choices at the ballot box.”
This "journalist" makes the claim that you need the SABC to "protect" democracy. Really? Are re-runs of Isidingo and Generations the only thing keeping the South African democracy project alive?

If that really is the case, then all the SABC really needs to do is create their various news programs for radio and TV. They would need a tiny fraction of the budget they currently have now to do this, which could easily be funded for less money they are spending by the fiscus. They would not need much spectrum for this, so they could pretty much get rid of most of the TV and radio spectrum they have the licence for. Then for the empty space in the channel they do provide, they can lease it to someone else for their TV/radio shows. If they don't have a buyer for the show, they simply broadcast parliamentary TV or cycle through a bunch of webcams from various nature reserves around the country.

Make all the news programs 10 minutes long, and keep the production costs low. So single anchor going through the news in front of a camera in an office. You would need to make 22 of them every day (a morning and evening show for each language), then you simply broadcast the audio of the TV program for the radio shows.
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Sep 23, 2018
So now these looters want to charge us because they stole the kitty dry. They can't go digital broadcasting because all talk and steal more than providing a service. No sports on SABC except soccer and Zulu dancing. Simply don't cater for majority of TV licence payers. Go to locations and collect TV licences. They all have satellite dishes which was given mahala by MTN


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Feb 17, 2009
I see they put in "- Expert" but that has very little to do with anything. I can be an expert on computers, doesn't mean my opinion on building roads out of fish would be a reasonable opinion.

I guess MyBB has now gone the route of "spin the wheel" on who to get input for on their articles.