Planning to buy an 2015 Ford Ecosport 1 litre 3 cylinders Ecoboost - Titanium.


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Aug 15, 2016
with 140 000km for R170 000 (subtract R5).

It's in mint condition. Really it is. Not a fleck of paint missing anywhere and on the inside it looks like a new car.

The advertising price was R169 995. A mechanical warranty is on offer. I started with a 2 warranty included but they didn't want to bite. So . But I got them to discount it by a 1 year mechanical warranty.

They are giving me R5 000 more as a trade in for my current old car than I expected.

My situation: I'm aware of other way better options elsewhere in large cities for deals much better than this. Although they are quite few in number.
I am pressed for time. My current car has some issues that makes me want to get rid of it.
I'm not going to get married to car so I'm open to trading it in after 2 or so years.

Finally regarding my situation ... I'm a first time buyer and am not versed in extra service deals and registration packages included in the price.

For a car of this age (140 000km) what can I expect and what can I further negotiate for?
I already reached the limit of a 1 year mechanical warranty included in the price.
What are service deals? And is that something that should also be included in the deal negotiation?

My question: I've already test drived the car. It feels good enough for me. I'm going to contact the showroom tomorrow and explore the car's service history (which I should have done this afternoon (but remember I'm a noob) I don't know all the actions off the cuff.

Basically as a determining factor ... does a mechanical warranty include the gearbox and engine or just the engine.
And secondly should a car of this mileage include a service plan. And if not should I negotiate for it to do?

Or can I realistically require of them to have the car serviced as inclusive in the price?
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Nov 2, 2012
You can expect the turbo to explode

Test drive it from cold and listen to how loud the turbo whistles.

These tiny engines have a hard life and they're not built to last. My friend is a very careful and conscious driver and his engine block cracked after +/- 30'000km iirc.

I can't recommend this engine secondhand. This is why they'll never give you a 2 year warranty.


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Jun 9, 2006
*Top of the range without grab handles? It's a no from the audience.


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Apr 22, 2014
Don’t. Just don’t do it. That 1 liter motor made by ford is gonna explode any minute. Not the most reliable engine.


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Sep 11, 2005
It is a terrible car. My brother had one and it gave him endless issues (specifically gearbox problems). Ford also not very helpful with the issues. Not worth it.


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Nov 9, 2009
Also, go do a google search about how often they break into these ecosports, so much so that there is an aftermarket fix available - I think the facebook group is called "They broke into my ford" or something like that. Had a Carte Blanche episode about it as well.


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May 17, 2004
I drove one as a rental from George to Cape Town.

Gearbox is horrible, and the thing has no power.
You’ll struggle to overtake someone who is looking for parking...

I had to let the woman drive most of the way, it’s just too frustrating.

140 000 km is a lot for a car of that size. Must be ready to be scrapped.
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