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Porting from Vodacom to MTN

Jun 13, 2018
I have a problem when I got my contract from MTN.

I ported over from Vodacom to MTN, but since I ported over my number have been split over two networks.
If a Vodacom Client phone me it goes to my Vodacom sim and if any other network phone me, it goes to my MTN sim.

I have loged alot on complaint by MTN and Vodacom inconection with this problem, but they say everything is right on both ends.

Do any of you have an solution for my.

Larno Aucamp
RDP Support


Honorary Master
Oct 6, 2010
Remove the VC sim and then complain that no one from VC network can call you.

You should not have 2 different network sims active for the same number. That just makes the problem worse