"Power of Woolies water" - Video gets stores attention.


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May 13, 2010
White people copy black accents in a post = out comes the knives.
Black people copy white accents - schits and giggles.

A mere interesting and relevant fact I highlighted and out comes the knives...
I find it interesting how my daughter who is in grade 5 has a different accent at school than she has at home.
She has our accent at home and her school friends when at school or it slips in when she is talking bout school happenings.

Nobody has pulled out knives...

vigras rojara

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Dec 28, 2016
I'm quite good at accents and impersonations. My PR guy once tipped off someone who was interviewing me on radio that I could do a good Madiba accent. So I went through this whole professional interview (was shitting myself), and got to the end of it only to have this impersonation thing sprung on me.

So I did it, in my best Madiba accent. If you've ever heard a Madiba accent on a commercial, that was probably me. Don't recall any backlash or death threats from anyone!:giggle:
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