Powership contract will cost South Africa R218 billion - CSIR

Hanno Labuschagne

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Sep 2, 2019
Powership contract will cost South Africa R218 billion - CSIR

Karpowership, a unit of the Turkish Karadeniz Energy Group, is on track for its longest contract to date to supply power from vessels to South Africa in a deal worth as much as R218 billion ($15 billion).

The company that advertises a “fast, flexible, reliable” solution of floating electricity generation was named last week as a preferred bidder for three projects fueled by liquefied natural gas to provide 1,220 megawatts of electricity.

The program is aimed at closing a supply gap in South Africa that’s resulting in periodic blackouts.

Also why do 20 years, surly technology will just get better and better with regards to solar and wind. So a contract for max 5 years and then in that time build build build (haha, just read that sentence out loud, never going to happen).
I mentioned this last week, but good to see official numbers. It's not just peaking capacity, but a permanent ball and chain.

I wonder if Parliament has any oversight into these kind of decisions? Silly question...
If the ANC stops looting and stealing Eskom's money then this will be do-able.
But, obviously, for that kind of money, they can build more power stations or invest much more in renewable energy themselves without striking corrupt deals with other companies.

There will be ANOTHER commission of enquiry for this.
It's obviously expensive and stupid.
Why are voters/taxpayers/consumers allowing this?
What can be done?

This is the end 'result' of years of mismanagement and state capture. There are no easy answers...
We cannot boycott Eskom.
Many people cannot go to solar or whatever else.
The ANC knows this and this is why they will ALWAYS keep using Eskom as their personal piggy bank.

They only way will be, is to vote the ANC out.
Soweto boycott Eskom...

and they will never never vote the ANC out.
20 Years?

So they have decided to do absolutely fsckall going forward, no new plants, nothing, what a surprise.
Yeah pretty much from 1994, I mean the 2 jokes they did decide have taken as long as a nuclear power station.