Printer Ink Now $8,000 A Gallon: Class Action suit follows


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Mar 17, 2005

A Bostonian is suing HP and Staples for colluding to inflate the price of printer ink. According to the suit, filed by Ranjit Nedi, Staples took a $100 million hint from HP not to stock cheap generic competition to its $8,000-a-gallon juice.

Everyone knows that printer ink is a swindle: they sell you the printer cheaply (or not so cheaply for higher-end prosumer models), then sell the colors — unremarkable commodities, let us not forget —
at prices that would make a perfumer blush.

As the inks are commodities, however, they have to take measures to stop you simply refilling the cartridges. Circumnavigating even trivial technological locks potentially runs foul of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and printers are also designed to deliberately and unecessarily waste ink. Nedi's submission suggests an even more aggressive tack was taken: the outright bribing of retailers.

There's not a lot you can do except wait for the inevitable application for class action status. Then we can all help deliver a slow-motion kick to the corporate shin that will take years to unravel.

That's R70,544.00 a gallon for those of you wondering :) The most expensive liquid known to mankind!


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Mar 29, 2008
Even at R70,000 a Gallon - you will get your money's worth. 4 Litres is a LOT of printing.


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Apr 3, 2005
Even at R70,000 a Gallon - you will get your money's worth. 4 Litres is a LOT of printing.

How can you ever get your money's worth? You still paying R70k for something that probably costs less than 1/10 of the price....:confused:


Jun 14, 2008
HP Ink cartridges

I have had my black ink cartridge (HP21) refilled by an expert and once installed back into the printer the E light remains on. I have been looking around the web and talking to the ink man and found out that some of the printer cartridges have build in memory to avoid people refilling them. Some HP printers will give the error message and refuse to print even when the cartridge is 50% full once the cartridge reaches a pre-determined age :mad:

Search for "reset ink cartridge" in google and you get 259000 matches. I have tried the methods with no success :(

Does anybody know of a brand of printers that are slightly ethical and don't do this sort of thing?

I found this article from 2003:


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Aug 18, 2006
Lexmark (X7350) will just remind you that your ink is low everytime you want to print.

But printing goes on like normal after a few clicks on "next"

This is a fax machine as well, so it reminds you on the small screen as well if you plug it in after a power failure ect.

With Epson (CX3900) it will also give a pop up before every printjob.