PS4 - FIFA20 - Rain 5G Mini League


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Dec 8, 2013
Evening All,

With the current lockdown in progress I have turned to one of my hobbies to keep me occupied.
The purpose of the thread is to determine the following.

1. Playing FIFA 20 on Rain 5G Good/Bad
My current experience is that most of my international games play better than the local guys. I would like to try this line against players that either use Rain 5G or Fibre. My current rain speeds are as follows
450mb download / 60 mb upload / Jitter 6

2. Create a mini league which will run for the duration of this lockdown all interested players can pm me I will create the league and we can give this a shot. 12 players max home and away games basis

3. When PM is sent please send me your PSN ID , Type of Internet connection 5G or Fibre. First 12 players to respond that meet the requirements mentioned will be in.

4. At the end of this I will post the results of the online experience for all to view.

PS there is no prize money etc just Bragging rights lol and a chance to make new friends and connect.

Breakdown of Requirements
PS4 console
5G or Fibre Internet connection
Active PSN account
No Raging and Childish behavior will be tolerated just clean fun.