Question about MacBook pro and


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Jul 6, 2010
Core Group will import the cheapest option and sell it to you for the highest price claiming its a "special". Then try to sell you a fake non-Apple warranty extension.

I always buy my Macs internationally and avoid supporting that incompetent bunch.

[EDIT PS - there's other Mac importers like Digicape, Mustek etc. I have not used them but from the horrible service i've had at iStore ZA they have to be better..]
The others aren’t importers. They are also just resellers for Core but at least somewhat compensate for their shitness.

IStore is however part and parcel or Core which is such bull **** to compete with your very own customers in the reseller space.


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Feb 23, 2016
Not too happy with istore too as they indirectly forced me to move to android when they used stupid reasons to justify NOT fixing a iPhone 6 Plus with touch disease. Never will touch iPhones again , as android is definitely better for me .

On the business side, deal with Core. We bought loads of iPad pros and due to the prohibitive costs of screen repair , bought icare for them all. 600.00 IIRC .. some of our users broken the screens by dropping them etc, let's just say that at least in this case, the icare warranty worked, they just replaced them with new ones. So happy that i did. Cos a screen replacement on an ipad pro is normally around 9k so me paying about 72k for all our 120 iPad pros , works out well . I know a few more will break in in the next year.


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Mar 31, 2016
Beware when it comes to Apple Watch issues as well. I have it in writing from the agents that they "are not yet authorized by Apple to replace screens or batteries on Apple Watch". So effectively out of warranty after-sales does not exist in South Africa. They simply quote a replacement unit (at a higher price than buying in store from them, bizarrely). I had a similar issue with my Apple TV.
Done with these clowns - they charge full price for their garbage and think they will just sell you another with it breaks.