R2.1-billion Post Office ecommerce tender battle

Cant even deliver locally and now big export plans.

Learn to walk first.
I think the first question you should ask is.
2.1 billion for an eCommerce platform??? Justify for me why an eCommerce platform would even come close to that cost?
Well her WhatsApp was recently hacked, so we might know the truth of this soon.

EDIT: Also they can't deliver letters but now they want to spend R2.1 billion on an eCommerce platform?
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I would have thought that the government would pool their hosting and development resources. The tender amount is excessive, like really excessive, but then I read the article,

It has developed an ecommerce solution for the cross-border market named the ECOMPRO parcel, which aims to accelerate ecommerce development in national postal sectors.

The minimum specifications of this programme include a maximum parcel weight of 30kg and a target delivery time of five days.

The SA Post Office has not confirmed whether it would implement this programme as set out by the UPU to enable its ecommerce platform.

The SA Post Office previously said that it expects ecommerce and financial services to comprise a major portion of its revenue by 2030.

Former SAPO CEO Mark Barnes said that the platform would focus on the export of South African-made goods.

“We’re going to be focusing on the export of South African-made goods on our platform,” said Barnes.

“It’s the Post Office’s vested interest to have a platform that promotes exports because the way the postal revenue works is the originator of the postal event gets most of the revenue.”

So, there is a logistical component? Strictly speaking the two components should be separate, but allow integration with one and the other, but I am sure that is where most costs have amassed to, though still excessive in my opinion.

Just to add, they are talking about export meaning that they will engage in a competitive market, so wait and see how legislation, polices, etc. is amended or institutionalised to give SAPO the advantage. Seeing that they are aiming at a 5-day delivery window… no. I don't know their details so what I have said is a layman opinion.

I don’t trust them with my post, how am I going to trust them with a commercial export? Just see what happened with some logistical tender contracts in regard to COVID-19 samples.
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With a budget like that, it's doing to be the new Amazon or it will be a wordpress site made by a 9th grader in India for R400.