rAge gamers smash 100TB on 5.2Gbps connection


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Nov 19, 2009
Oh please.. What a joke.. My 30TB (eSATA) DAS would of *destroyed* those speeds..


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Mar 1, 2004
We are bandwidth and data starved in South Africa. Rage shows that clearly!

I consider myself privileged and I can't afford good internet in South Africa. I have access to 20GB @ 2Mbps up-to 30GB @ 512Kbps of data at a cost of R750 per month and it is heavily shaped.


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Sep 21, 2007
There were 2100 gamers, not 1000.

Didn't know the number, was using 1000 as a case but if 2100 that's even less. I can do 50Gigs over a weekend easily with streaming, steam and sundry.

Especially when Steam have a weekend like this one with free games to play that are quite large downloads.


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Jun 15, 2007
There were 2100 gamers, not 1000.

Wasn't it closer to 2500 gamers? (source: http://www.rageexpo.co.za/nag-lan/)

100TB / 2500 = 41 GB for each user.
41GB / 3 days = 13.7 GB per day.

To download Battlefield 4 alone, is about 40-50GB.
That's just for one game. What about all the other games, Windows Updates, YouTube, NetFlix, DropBox, iTunes and iCloud, Open Source content, and all the other millions of legit downloads available online?
(I have a empty 50GB DropBox btw, that needed filling)

Don't tell me that 13.7 GB is a lot for one day. Some days, I use more bandwidth than this on my 4Mbps line, on YouTube alone! (short 4K video's can be 300-1GB each, yes? 14 video's is not a lot for one household.)

The staff were able to download more, as they had 1Gbps lines.
I wonder how many Linux ISO's they downloaded amongst themselves?

I find it amusing how some people jump to the conclusion that "this must be piracy".
NO. It is not piracy. This is just how Internet connectivity is supposed to be. And a few of us were fortunate enough to experience what others consider "normal".