Rain calls drop after 15 minutes


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Aug 4, 2023
Anyone else have the same issue with rain mobile? I’m seriously regretting porting my primary number to them. The value proposition is great with the two mobile SIM cards bundled together with your home broadband package, but there are a number of downsides, one being the lack of ability to do any USSD services, and pretty shocking international roaming support, but the number one downside to using rain is that no matter what, like clockwork, at the 15 minute mark, a call will be dropped. This makes dealing with any call centre in South Africa virtually impossible. By the time you make it to the front of the que, if your lucky, you have 2 or 3 minutes to try resolve your issue, before the line just goes dead.

It’s really weird also, because the call doesn’t cut out. It’s stays connected, but all you hear on the line is total silence. Trying to sort out an issue with SARS and this is driving me up the wall.
Although after posting here initially, Rain did contact me to get more information on the issue and said they will be attending to it, I am again today trying to get through to a call centre (SARS), and consistently the call disconnects at exactly 15 minutes. Dailed from a vodacom sim now, and no issues.