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Aug 2, 2019
Has anyone bought a sim from Takealot and was able to Rica it successfully? I got mine yesterday and when I had to manually input my billing address, it said it is not valid(township area). I somehow managed to bypass that but now I'm stuck on the Rica Now(button not clickable) screen that's supposed to let me upload my documents.

Before you say contact them or whatever. I already did, for like 10 times. They don't know why this is happening. Any help is appreciated.

I was thinking. Is it possible to take my sim to the Tyme Bank kioski to get it Rica'd there by one of their agents?
I did consider that but it'll be difficult to get it delivered to me because during my work hours I'm on the road going from place to place therefore I can't accept any deliveries.
It could be something silly like trying a different browser or trying it on a computer instead of the phone. Give it a go.
Update: A Rica consultant called and said they'll investigate why I'm getting stuck on that particular page.
Update 2: I got an sms on my phone with a link to eRica and finally. The Rica Now button works and I can upload my documents for verification.
Hi Guys,

I just recieved my sim card. I have uploaded my I'd and selfie and done all that and now it just says hang on a moment checking address been like that for 10 Mins.


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I have the SIM in my router and just waiting for address verification but just doesn't go any further