Rain valuation suggests company is worth more than Telkom

But is it really? :sneaky:
Yep. 3 min to download a 127kb PDF but then a YouTube video will play fine. Then YouTube is unwatchable often and lets not even talk about Pornhub!!!
But seriously things like streaming on Netflix can be frustrating most od the time. Probably going to Supersonic because PLM.
Yeah, that valuation sounds wrong, and I doubt the Telkom valuation, since you're just taking the market cap I assume, and Rain definitely would not be worth as much as Telkom due to Telkom's fiber network etc. and you're using a company's self-evaluation of the company rather than publicly listed, where the parent company would always inflate the value a bit so they can use it as leverage.
That said, Rain should probably be valued at around 60-70% of Telkom based on potential, since they have quite a lot of frequency at the high end of the spectrum, which is great for 5G.
Yet Telkom's LTE actually works in my area, and other surrounding areas, while Rain is garbage. Weird.

Valuations aren't an indication of overall and universal quality it seems.
Who would have thought a brand as toxic as WBS could be valued this much just by renaming itself to something catchy.
Rain, the Tesla of South Africa.
Tesla is actually pioneering the field of electric vehicles, most of their stuff is double the range of the competition, better drive tracks, etc. and then SpaceX.
I wish we had a Tesla of South Africa, it doesn't seem like South Africa has had any really big shake up companies in the last decade or so (besides maybe push by banks to online banking, and then webuycars online car sales type thing, but that's minor compared) but Rain definitely isn't one of them. I kind of doubt South Africa having any with how government is killing everything. We nearly had most of the fintech changes here, I wonder how those are going to handle capital flight.
Low cost data with Rain could be the same as Capitec shaking up banking. Or Rain could end up being the 2020/Go Banking of finance for those with a longer memory.
It usually goes like this...
Newish company with miracle-like packages bringing in the customers like a vetkoek stand at a UNI
Then when the numbers look right they start bringing in the heavy limits to all packages
My guess is RAIN doesn't have that much debt (or staffing), whereas Telkom has a ton of debt and staffing.

Rain doesn't need many staff at all - call centre can be outsourced.
So a relatively small backend office for financials, and advertising, plus some engineering staff.

Vula / WBS (aka RAIN) has the spectrum licence and equipment & Vodacom maintains the infrastructure.

Vodacom explained that Rain procures the active radio equipment, OSS systems, and software required for its network and roaming agreement.

Vodacom, in turn, provides Rain with access to its passive infrastructure, which include mast space, shared antennas, space in its containers, power, and cooling.