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May 24, 2010
Rain's billionaires

African Rainbow Capital’s (ARC’s) interim results for the six months ended 31 December 2021 revealed that it values Rain at R16.6 billion, an increase of R287 million over the last six months.

The increased valuation is partly thanks to the mobile operator’s strong performance. It is on track to exceed its budgeted R1 billion EBITDA for the year ended February 2022.


Feb 9, 2022
Rain's officially a unicorn.

I left it nearly two years ago though.
I want to get back to it because the provider I'm with right now has major issues. I hope I won't have problems with Rain like I did last time.


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Jun 20, 2004
Yet it is rated as the worst of the ISPs. Barely any coverage in the Northcliff Joburg area. I was an early user. Coverage was spotty but cheap. I don't bother any more. Still got the SIM in my tablet. They're scoring on winning the spectrum, not because they're any good.


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Jun 22, 2022
I am silly surprised This is the worst company I had to deal with in a long time. I have written so many emails but the only time they phone is when i pretend to buy a new product. The range is extremely limited and after three months when they sent a technician, he came out of his car with a booster for 1500. He spend 2 min on my property and nothing changed because of course I did not buy the booster. How is it possible for such a large company to operate like they do - rolling out subscribers by the dozen but no follow up service and a lot of lies about the product. There is not even an email that works. Now in the 4th month because it is impossible to stop the service. Where does one go to stop these people from selling an inferior product with absolutely no follow up service. Do you now after you do manage to speak to an operator they provide you with a follow up rating email. But you can only click the smileys AVOID RAIN LIKE THE PEST