Ramaphosa declares Friday, 15 December 2023, a public holiday

Who gets those days for free? Every company I've worked for took those from your leave days. Only difference is that some force you to take the leave and others don't really care either way?
Many companies are way too greedy.
Pfft means nothing to me. Just means I have to work in my contract hourly quota some other time ....
I am still shaking my head at the amount of BS that came out of his mouth last night.

Just read it.

He blatantly used it to promote the ANC.

Ramaphosa said the energy action plan that he announced in July last year was showing "positive results, giving us greater confidence that we will bring load shedding to an end."
According to Ramaphosa, there is also progress in tackling crime and corruption.
Ramaphosa said: "We are making progress in the fight against corruption, including bringing those responsible for state capture to justice."


At least he admitted ....
Foreshadowing Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana's medium-term budget policy statement on Wednesday, Ramaphosa noted that, for every rand that the government collects in revenue, 18 cents go towards servicing national debt.

"This means that we are now paying more in interest on our national debt than we are budgeting for the police force.
15th is when my leave starts anyway. And I am forced to take it as compulsory because I have too many days accumulated. Meh
yeah but now you'll have to take an extra day somewhere else, like the 14th, to get your leave balance down because the 15th won't count as annual leave anymore
We all know Cyril needs the extra day to prepare his vellies and voorlaaier to re-enact shooting Zulus on Geloftedag.
so everyone complaining about the holiday Ciril brought in are part of the EFF.
A 10min talk which took 30min since he spooookkkkeeeee sssssuuuuuppppeeeerrrrr ssssllloooowwwlly aaaabbbboouuuutttt ooovvvveeerrrcccooooommmmiiiinnnngggg AAAAAAPAAAARRTTTTHEEEEIIITTTT.
Just got a note from the kids school that they were now closing a day earlier because of the public holiday.... so its extending the school break.
We are talking about all sectors, not Government.

I was actually referring to the private sector only, but if we include government, then nothing is going anywhere, hence the reason government has ran out of money.