Ramaphosa's bullet trains progressing at a snail's pace

I mean if the Gautrain has made strides since 2010 when it opened

Oh wait
The ANC and Ramaphosa will beat Musk to Mars, just watch!
" I would like to invite South Africans to begin imagining this prospect.”


I just did.
And for the best-case scenario, all I saw were broken down trains, stolen tracks, and piss-stained train seats where teens give birth on on their way to durbs for a holiday on the turd beach.
How about getting some of that zappy-shocky stuff running before building money-pit bullet trains.
Does Ramaphosa live in South Africa
i wonder if he even really believes the **** that comes out of his mouth, promises and 'updates of improvements'.
they cant even get the Shozoloza Meyl slow train going all the way to from JHB to CT, services cancelled less than month than coming back with big promises of service.
i'm sure somebody else writes his speeches for him, but he should think what he's saying. perhaps he likes to complain to other people that they make him look bad, but he doing all himself
Fix the existing rail network so we can get exports to the harbours first or will this be a new ANC Gravy Train
Ramaphosa's big bullet train promises

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been talking about high-speed bullet trains for South Africa since his 2019 State of the Nation Address, and this year he indicated that government finally seems to be making progress on the project.

That being said, there is nothing concrete yet, with the latest development being cabinet's approval of a framework for a high-speed rail (HSR) that will first focus on the Johannesburg to Durban corridor.
Have they discovered a Vibranium deposit we don't know about? hope so then we can flying cars and force fields, the possibilities are endless and only limited by Cyril's imagination.
Some comments for the reporter of this article. There are no passenger carrying trains anywhere that run at 600 kilometers per hour. There are however some trains in China an Japan that have achieved similar speeds in testing. These test trains are not in everyday use. Your article is misleading. As for the ANC building high speed trains is a joke. Not posible
Mmmm... Pipedreams for SA. They can't even provide decent toilets @ schools. So there also Clear Plans for it, like LS (Blackouts). Maybe this dude should take a Cognitive Test as well. He knows LALA Land is a movie?
Actually now that I think about it, people get shot on the PRASA trains all the time. We've already got bullet trains. Not sure what you ungrateful people are all moaning about. Cyril keeps his promises.