Rand sinks as South Africa plans record bailout for Eskom


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Aug 7, 2012
The fall didn't start with Zupta, but he sure added grease to the slippery slope.



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Apr 20, 2005
Nah its not slow... we just know how to enjoy life thats all...
You get slow and slow (short bus slow). Latter, no.

However, something I learnt early on when I started working, relying on people in various cities - also coastal cities, is that things do not happen as rapidly as management would it at coastal cities. You okes give us grey hair up here with your laid back lifestyle (does not mean we're not slightly jealous) ;)

Living on the outskirts of a city, I try and avoid city centers at all costs. It does not do my health good.

@Genisys has the closest to my view. I would love to retire to a quiet little town with no robot. @ForceFate is not wrong about Middelburg, neither is @Lew Skannen about Pretoria.

But then again there are some real bad areas and people in both. Ditto most places nowadays. Things is we are blessed with beautiful places and people slightly off the well known track. We just need to take the time to stop, look and talk. In a rush issue to Bloem, I had time to stop on the return in Kroonstad for a lazy bite to eat. I met a businessman there, about my age, a well spoken black gentleman speaking Freestate Afrikaans. Much in my situation. That day we discussed everything and anything, a much need chat. We left there just in time to make it home before dark where we live about 50km away from one another in Gauteng nowadays.