Rate SA’s potholes with this app


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Mar 8, 2007
I've logged about 25 issues now...

5x Items Closed - All potholes reported were actually "fixed" but in every single case the quality of the fix was piss poor and will certainly be an issue in the next storm. The most amazing fix so far was tar poured over a pothole which contained a brick. Now the brick just sticks out and people swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid it:wtf:

18x Items still Active - the oldest item is from 24th June 2014.

1x was marked as a non issue:wtf: (corner of Cedar and Witkoppen - road surface is wrecked IMO)

1x was marked non JRA issue (asked for pedestrian sidewalks on Witkoppen). Apparently this is Provincial Government's responsibility.

That said, the app itself is great and I welcome the new features. Hopefully it'll help hold these contractors more accountable for the quality of their fixes. eg. No payment if the ratings of the fix are below 3 stars etc. Or too many low ratings and the contractor's tender goes under review.


Apr 2, 2008
Doesn't help if half of the JRA is on strike. Potholes I reported in January 2014 are still not fixed. The few they patched up after 8 months have reopened into "mini-blackholes".

In the last 4 months I have not seen a single JRA team working on potholes / roads in the Fourways area.