Realities of South African Internet


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Aug 6, 2003
Don't know where this belongs, so I'll call it off-topic.

The reality of South African Internet is that due to Telkom's pricing structure, everybody is attempting to squeeze the max out of every Internetconnection be it dial-up or a fixed line.

People/Companies in South Africa are installing ADSL/MyWi/Other 24/7 solutions for applications where in other countries they would have long ago installed a T1 or similar fixed line/IP connection.

Also, the tech savvie community of South Africa are the first to get these kind of solutions. They are hungry and "demand" the same performance locally which they know is available on the highly affordable superior products elsewhere. Initial "avarage" bandwidth requirements per client will be much higher than when a product is starting to mature and get more "average" and "under average" clients.

This causes all contention ratio "standards" to be invalid when applied to South Africa.

I know a 50+ workstation office on a singe ADSL line. Of course they will actually require close to 1:1 contention ratio.

Any new player in the ISP-technology field in SA will have to realise that initially he will have to fork out for much more bandwidth than it believes to be possible - just because of the nature of the initial clients as well as the behaviour Telkom's pricing regime forces on us.

South Africa needs World Class Broadband at World Competitive Prices.


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Jul 27, 2004
well i have climbed on the bandwagon in a big way i supply a linux box that is a all in one server and performs load balancing over multible sim pppoe sessions to cope with this scenario ... and it works great but is not ideal i would love cheap E1