Recruitment Portals Survey - Win a Raspberry Pi


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Jan 16, 2008
Ah yes... you guys were a black hole, like many others... Send CV, apply.. hear nothing. That's why I don't remember.
In any case I don't use recruiters anymore, for this one key reason.
Especially more so when Nigel Frank will onsell personal info to the extent where I now have to sort out that Woolworths account an identity thief has managed to open in my name. (The e-mail addresses used was one I specifically created for Nigel Frank, and therefore they are busted!)
Thank you.

The criticism is fair. Our biggest challenge is getting feedback from clients. Having said that, the fact they are a black hole does not mean we should be one as well. We should be letting you know (weekly) that we have no new news.

We won't and have never onsold info (or even shared it with a 3rd party (apart from CVs for which we have express permission).
I use the same trick as you. Recently, I started using a unique email address for every website I sign up for. Hopefully, POPI will have some teeth

I have started a project to better keep applicants informed. Apologies. We will fix that.
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