Reddit user on r/wallstreetbets is "going to short the whole country of South Africa."


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Nov 2, 2012

Bruh. It's not just the Rand. Take an hour to watch this and all of a sudden Julius Malema's plan to nationalise the mines doesn't seem so farfetched.


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Oct 23, 2006
I, for one, am happy that the poor, landless, homeless, jobless community of myBB have found a voice on reddit.


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Apr 21, 2008
Scary! On the front page of Reddit now. Let’s hope it doesn’t take off like the GME stuff did
Why though ? Didn't the GameStop shares go through the roof ? Don't you want that to happen here ?


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Apr 21, 2008
Printing money is not nearly as bad as other countries and the OP makes like it is the big problem. it isn't. yet. Have you looked at Argentina?
Army officers who can't read? Doubt they are illiterate like you claim. But why is them reading so important.
Cops that never fired a gun? Surely that is part of police training.
Roaming bands of pirates? Gangsterism is more a problem in some parts of the Western Cape
Dogs being poisoned is not nearly a big problem.
Most educated citizens leaving South Africa. No, it's very hard to leave South Africa. if it was as easy to get a work visa then multiple times more would leave. But because they can't easily get work visas or citizenship and the high cost of living then most don't.
Tap water that smells disgusting? That is rare.
Murder for groceries is not a big problem as made out
South Africans having their asylum applications accepted? In fact it is the opposite. South Africans are least likely to have their applications accepted.
Elon Musk is not an Afrikaner. He is English. He didn't leave because he was disillusioned. He left as he wanted to go to the US.
Literacy rates that are falling? Rather opposite. Literacy is not falling. Competency and thinking skills are decreasing. Communistic, fake woke outrage and mob thinking is increasing.
Businesses that are leaving the country? No businesses care about profit. They are where you can make money. That's like saying housing is leaving the country.

What about what you don't mention
- BEE laws that are getting stricter
- Government money laundering of tenders to politically connected
- Appointees in government and SOEs based on loyalty not skill
- Allowed hate speech turning people radical
- They obsession by the poor to want things for free and government to give them free things
- Obsession with security
- Huge government wage bill
- Safety outdoors
- Increasing taxes
- Land expropriation
- Apathy of police and law enforcement
- Tender corruption
- National Health Insurance and Free Tertiary Education. That will cause huge problems of disgruntled educated youth and health services problems
- State Enterprises making huge losses
- Load Shedding
- Borrowing money gov can't pay back
- Zuma faction and all his chronies wanting to overthrow the president
- Threats to the judiciary
- Huge public servant wage bill
- Seeing the taxpayer as cows to be milked
^^ this.

Its weird to see people complaining about SA but then you listen to them and their issues are in the head.
Most of the really important things just get glossed over.