Release of lower 6 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum is great news for WISPs - WAPA


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May 24, 2010
Expect "supercharged Internet experience" from wireless ISPs thanks to new Wi-Fi spectrum

The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa's (Icasa) opening of the lower 6 GHz spectrum band for Wi-Fi services will mean Internet users with Wi-Fi 6E equipment will enjoy a "supercharged Internet experience".

This is according to Wireless Access Provider's Association (WAPA) executive committee member Paul Colmer, who said the opening of the lower 6 GHz band for indoor allows wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) to maximise the potential of their services.
Okay. But. WiFi 6? Or am I missing something? Article mentions indoor WiFi?
Was super excited to read about wireless ISP's using new spectrum... Read article about how any ISP/person can use new indoor wi-fi spectrum to improve their own indoor network speeds... Hmmm.