Remote-driven car service launched in Las Vegas

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
Remote-driven car service launched in Las Vegas

German startup Vay has launched a remotely driven car service in Las Vegas after years of developing and testing the technology as an intermediate step toward full autonomy.

Vay’s offering involves humans remote-controlling cars — Vay calls them teledrivers — from physical stations miles away.

Somehow I see this ending badly. Remote drivers won't employ due diligence when "driving" and customers will speed to save on costs.
Seems like a bad idea.
Driving virtual cars does not feel like driving a real car at all.

Hopefully, I am wrong.
Perhaps if the driver knows this is real it's different.
Yeah no...

A car must either be fully autonomous or have the driver in the car with the passenger.

A remote driver just has fscking stupid written ALL over it.