Renault 1.6 2007. Good price or not?


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Dec 3, 2011
I'm about to finally acquire my first car.
I've narrowed it down to a Renault Clio 3. (and yes, I've seen the numerous posts about staying away from the French)
I've been looking at a few, mainly on Auto Trader or Bid or Buy.
There is one I've found today:

2007 5 door Dynamic
102000 kms
One owner,
Cambelt service and all other services done at Renault on time.

It is R 79950 (about ten grand out of my price range) and plus it is in Randburg (I'm in KZN)
I was just wanting to find out if anyone else has got a similiar car lately- if this price is fair.

Also. Has anyone got the young drivers insurance from Discovery?
(I'm 21)

Any help would be appreciated


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Dec 18, 2009
They're really good cars, but first see about having a decent independant workshop to take care of it. There are a good few here in CT, but im unsure of those in Natal. Hear lots of horror stories about poor out of warranty service from renault main dealers.
You can always bargain on the price, its to be expected on a car with such poor resale value.