Restrictions and limits on my CAP for Home Network


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Nov 2, 2012
Hi There,

I really do hope someone can help me out here.

My set-up is as follow:

Telkom ADSL with 8 port Switch and Standalone AP

I have 2 PC's linked on LAN with an extra port in the guest room with a fly lead if necessary

There is 3 Laptops connected to the AP, mine, my wife's and my daughters'

NO my problem.

I want to restrict my daughters laptop and the 1 LAN PC to only be able to browse the net and access email. I want to restrict Torrent DL's and normal browser file DL. if possible only bigger than 10MB 'cause I don't mind her downloading a mp3 or 2.

Is there a way i can setup a server with proxy for this?

I do have a spare PC that I can use for such a purpous.

Please let me know, as my CAP doesn't make it through the month, and I can't afford uncapped at the speed I'm currently working on, as I need the speed when connecting to remote PC's all over africa.


Christo van Dyk


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Mar 19, 2010
How old is your daughter? Easiest way to do this is via something like Parental Control built into Windows 7 - you can block off domains etc quite easily - bit difficult to do if she is old enough that 'her' computer is a no-go for you since PC pretty much means she has no privacy on that machine.

Alternatively, yes, you can setup the spare as a proxy server and set restrictions that way

This article ( will get you started.

Have fun