Returning a Used Cars within 7 day.


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Apr 13, 2010
I'd support a place like that again... not many honest guys out there.

That's good news at least :)

Yeah, I was quite impressed, if they can find me another vehicle I am pretty sure he'll make sure it's immaculate.
I was preparing myself for some long protracted argument about fees and costs, wear and tear and all that but nope.

I have a feeling his sales guy was taking shortcuts to maximise his profit, I also think his salesman maybe looking for a new job.


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Jul 6, 2010
That's the type of place you want to go back to and that I would actually trust with a repair as well.

When I bought my car the aircon died literally two weeks after purchase.

No drama at all, took it back and they gave me an Audi A4 for more than a week and sorted mine out without any drama at all.

Five years later still going strong.

But when I buy again that will be the first dealership I visit.


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Jan 19, 2012
A very "happy ending!"

This dealer needs to be recognised; who is the dealer?


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Apr 23, 2008
Yeah, tell us who he is - he deserves a bit of free advertising for being that honest.

Money talks

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Sep 6, 2018
I interacted with the salespersonfor a 2:thumbsdown:BT50 @ VW Macarthy in Gezina before I can verify that Im happy, they just delivered the car at my house 21H00. The first thing when I look was the display not and radio nt playing, they gave me one key, they acknowledge they will deliver anada spare key.
Since then they were gone.i called the guy and re- notify him about the faults and added more to him
He advised me to drive the car further so that we can spot more faults
I drove the car the next Saturday and it boiled, spotted oil and turned the engine off itself
I called him to alert him but he just left me in the bush
I then called the manager later, she responded and refered me to insurance
The breakdown towed the car and now they don't want to pay the breakdown
I then included the bank and the bank just say : the dealership is stubborn!
What else can I do guys