Reward - R100,000 for information about rhino poachers

Apr 8, 2005
1.Pay some bugger R1500 to hunt rhino
2.Report said bugger to Dave Robertson
3.Dave Robertson catches bugger trying to hunt rhino
4.Profit :D


Ancient Astronaut
Nov 4, 2007
Which authorities said they were injecting the horns with poison?

Agreed on all counts - so the tactics presently include:
1) establishing a DNA database so that a rhino horn can be tracked to the locality the rhino was killed
2) dehorning rhinos (this is not 100% successful since the horns are hair and regrow, but it does help bit)
3) moratorium on sale of ANY rhino horn in ANY form
4) liaison with international authorities - there have been successful prosecutions overseas too.
5) shooting suspected poachers on site (the poachers will - so there seems to be a no-holds barred approach, generally if someone is out without permission in rhino country they have to take their chances). It is just a darned shame rhinos can't be taught how to use automatic weapons and missile launchers to defend themselves...

Just do a google search on "injecting rhino horns" and see what you get.