Rhema website hacked with anti-xenophobia message

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Jan 4, 2011
Hello Earthlings, We are the Anonymous. Anonymous Nigeria!

Recently, Our brother’s and sister’s in South Africa has been attacked by citizens of South Africa. Killing our people, destroying their Businesses etc. We have had enough and its high time we do what the Government are trying to do.

We are the voice of The Nigerians. We are Anonymous, this is a message to the South African government and people, stop the killings, we are all Africans!

Racism is something we shouldn’t practice, We are BLACKS.

If you do not stop the Xenophobic after this we will attack your systems, your Government, your Businesses, your Schools.. and we shall Expose u..

#OpXenophobia #AnonymousNigeria
We are Legion
We donot forgive
We donot forget
Expect Us!

Coincidentally quite racist.


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Apr 30, 2009
Claiming to be the voice of Nigerians under attack in South Africa, the hacker warned that if the attacks do not stop they will attack government, business, and education computer systems in South Africa.

Why not start there? Instead you attack a church that provides food, blankets etc... to the poor? :wtf:


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Aug 15, 2006
Our dearest ANC government brought Xenophobia upon the foreigners.

We need not allow the whole world into our country.

Every foreigner needs to be tracked.

Right now you can enter South Africa and murder and leave without the killer ever being caught.

I don't support Xenophobia but I also am not prepared to support the whole world especially since we have so much of our own problems.

We have high unemployment.
We have many who live in shacks.
We have high crime levels.
We have No electricity
We have no reliable internet
We will soon have No water
We are disadvantaged in our own country by BEE.
We have high taxes
We are taxed on everything to the maximum
We have corruption from the head downwards
We will soon be spending money we don't have on Nuclear Power.

We have a great Government taking us to the ground.

When everything in South Africa collapses then Foreigners should be allowed in to rebuild.

With respect the MALL robberies around the country clearly identified foreigners who ochestrated the whole thing.
Phones being sent to Nigeria and other parts of Africa.


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Apr 21, 2008
You know... I'm actually over this.

Was just a few months ago when more than a 100 South Africans died while visiting a church in Nigeria, bodies still not returned.
Plenty of terrible things happen to people visiting Nigeria... abductions, kidnapping, piracy.
All those mall heists... the stolen goods end up in Nigeria.

I'm not trying to say the Xenophobic attacks are ok, just you have a glass house.


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Sep 7, 2006
Rhema's website? Our goverment is known for paying R40 million for boilerplate Joomla sites, and they 'target' Rhema?
Thats just... sad.