RICA headaches - WebAfrica Lte deal


New Member
Dec 19, 2018
Hi guys,

I'm wondering if I'm just stupid or if there's something wrong with WebAfrica's approval process for RICA documents, specifically the proof of address.

They have this thing where you upload a copy of your ID and proof of address, and I've tried uploading various bank statements and invoices that display my physical address, but to no avail. it keeps giving me this message:
Failed Verification - Proof of address not valid, use different document

Now, my address is a very weird address because I live on a farm outside town, but still. not even SARS or Telkom gave me this much trouble with my proof of residence.

when I contacted them the lady at the other end wasn't very helpful. she said I have to also upload a copy of my ID (which I obviously did), AND I showed her the failed verification message above. not very bright I must say.

Bottom line: should I just give it up for a bad job and go back to Telkom, or am I doing something wrong? Has anyone had any luck with this? thanks! :)