RICA judge reveals "shocking reality" - they have no way to verify if police are lying to get an interception order


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May 24, 2010
RICA is a joke

The Designated Judge for the Interception of Communications, Justice Bess Nkabinde, has revealed that there is no way for her office to verify whether the applications they receive from law enforcement are truthful or not.

Nkabinde is the judge responsible for evaluating and granting interception directions — a form of warrant allowing South African law enforcement to intercept someone’s communications legally.
A nice database built by law abiding citizens themselves, while the rest just gooi papas from their church leader. Member how Zuma is an ordained priest..?

Equality is a joke.
The fact that you can buy a Pre-RICA'ed SIM on the street corner, proves RICA is a joke and a total waste of time, and money.
Ja. I remember when RICA first started...going into CNA or mtn etc. with with all my papers and stuff just to get a sim. Now I just go to those corner stores and get one for R5 without the hassle. So dumb.
No surprise...
RICA was created to be part of the communist machinery the ANC uses to spy on its enemies. That was its initial purpose, then they learnt from the likes of Xi Jinping what it could be used for.. but you know how it is.. too busy stealing and jobs for pals, so there's not much time to play with it
I'll leave others on the forum to answer that, I get the impression there are many who believe the police do no wrong.
Sorry but I am in the other group that knows they're corrupt, they lie, and they are part of the actual criminal syndicates in most cases
According to Nkabinde, there are now several cases in the public record where law enforcement officers lied to get interception orders against targets such as journalists and prominent businesspeople.

“Undisputed evidence was before Court that in certain instances the agencies can obtain fictional intelligence report about an individual,” stated Nkabinde."

Why does she not prosecute them , that is part of her job description .
She must do her job .