Route Sentry combines ADSL accounts to save money


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010
If you haven’t heard of this local software application yet and you are using ADSL in South Africa then you should read this. There is a program that works wonders on your wallet by combining a local only ADSL account with a general ADSL account that has international access. The idea is to restrict usage of your account that has international access to only use international bandwidth and use the account with local only access (meaning access to sites and services hosted within the borders of South Africa) for any and all data meant to travel locally.

Technically this means you can safely download local torrents for example without using precious and generally expensive international cap thanks to a program named Route Sentry and developed by Antibody Software.

The installation of the software requires RASPPPOE to be installed in order to function, which makes the installation a little above average in difficulty but it is not rocket science and once it is up and running having followed very clear instructions you can rip roar and enjoy the quick and easy joy of burning local traffic from a local only account that you can buy from most internet service providers of quality nowadays and save the international cap for when it is really in need to be burned, usually right about where it used to run out because the local usage ate at it!

To download Route Sentry for free, visit the Route Sentry webpage at Antibody Software.
All the links and information you need to get going are on the website, including an FAQ but if you run into trouble and need some encouragement visit the forum thread on the topic here at MyBroadband.