Russo-Ukrainian War - 2022 Edition - Part 9

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If you weren’t trolling by just dropping a screenshot maybe we could all read the article and comment on it?
It's on The Telegraph's website. I would share the link, if you swear not to smugly reply: "it's paywalled".
The United States government has a monthly interest rate of 3.05% on its debt, continuing an upward trend in interest rates that began at the beginning of 2022. In March of 2023, U.S. debt reached 31.46 trillion U.S. dollars.
Without referring to ChatGPT, what is the monthly interest paid by the U.S. government?
Where does that interest come from?
Who is funding the U.S. debt?

You would like American kids born now to be saddled with unrepayable debt, because an East European country can't resolve border disputes dreamed up by thinktanks in Washington?
Get real.

I've been late to this absolute masterclass in CYA from the Washington Post. And while no doubt this article has been endlessly lampooned by Z-posters, some of the points are interesting to consider. Some observations.
Ukraine and the US built the offensive on a series of wargames where they were able to sweep away the Russian defenders and break through to the Sea of Azov. Garbage data fed the assumptions and stats used in the wargames. Garbage in, garbage out.
What is highly credible to me is the reported disconnect between the US and Ukrainian leaderships, where the US wanted one axis of attack while Ukraine continued to prioritize other fronts. Key thing to note here is that Zelensky and Zaluzhny were both behind this.
This threatens the Armed Forces of Ukraine to retreat by tens of kilometers in weeks: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are running out of people, Russia has overtaken Ukraine in drones by several times

▪️Ukraine is years behind the Russian Federation in terms of drones, because their production is under Putin’s personal control,” said volunteer M. Berlinskaya.

▪️“We wasted our time, and if before there was parity, now the Russians have overtaken us many times over. The more they automate their systems and move towards swarms of drones, when the drone itself recognizes the target and makes the decision to hit the target... And when thousands of UAVs fly at us, we will retreat tens of kilometers in a matter of weeks.”

▪️“Now it’s not even a stalemate on the chessboard, but a moment of losing. I believe that our people are old enough to be told the truth. And this truth must be heard from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.”

▪️“Where there are no drones, people become expendable. We have reached a point where we are running out of people. And if we run out of people, we will have to sit down at the negotiating table. For us, this means defeat,” Berlinskaya said.
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