[S] Panasonic Lumix G9 with Leica 12 to 60 f2.8 - 4 and Leica 100 to 400mm


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Apr 6, 2008
Item: Only a few months old not even 2000 actuations, 10/10 condition, the G9 has the awesome ability to give you 18MP photos from 6K video, so never miss that 'wow' moment! This camera has all the latest features, including post focus (take a photo and select the focus point afterwards), touchscreen etc. Go check out the reviews, this is really Pro grade kit.

The Camera and both lenses are weather sealed, with the 100 to 400 Leica on the G9 your focal length is 200 to 800 which offers excellent versatility to birders and wildlife photographers. And the 12 60 gives one from 24mm to 120mm so you are covered for pretty much everything, new this kit will cost around R65k to R70k.
  • Lumix G9 & Leica 12 60 F2.8-4 R24500
  • Leica 100 400 R21500 or
  • R42500 for all 3
Age: 3 Months
Price: R42500
Warranty: balance with Panasonic ZA
Packaging: Yes
Condition: as new 10/10.
Location: Pretoria
Reason: very tough decision between this and my Nikon D850, just have more lenses for the Nikon, but enjoy using the Panasonic gear more.
Shipping: On buyer
Collection: Yes


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