SA business confidence falls to almost two-year low


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Aug 7, 2006
Looks like Devils Peak..

Yip exactly.. I think people who claim the whole socialist thing is destroying the world have no clue how on how societies work but such is life. Perhaps they should go live in the US and then not whine when the entire thing collapse when they about to retire. In the end though, with an SA context, the issue in SA is not that but the rampant corruption and spending which is out of line with where the country finds itself in combination with other factors. This is why i really think Sa should be left to fail economically such that there can begin a purge which will either end in political elite being killed or mass being slaughtered and status quo continuing with abject poverty.. but this teetering on the brink serves no one.
Yes, once we're set on that path. It'll take decades for a recovery, if it is even possible? EWC hasn't worked anywhere and it definitely won't work here. SAA ruined, Eskom ruined, Metrofail ruined etc etc next they want the pensions and the medical aid funds, the trough is never full enough. Once those are gone what's next? I'll suppose they'll start harvesting our organs for the Chinese. SA is going to learn the hard way. As long as whitey suffers though and we can punish them for the past, everything is going to be A-okay. Talk about cutting your own nose off to spite your own face.


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Dec 6, 2015
Do you still have so called "load shedding" in place? If yes, that might explain a few things regarding the low business confidence. #LiveWithIt