SA Post Office closing branches as it is unable to pay rent

Pineapple Smurf

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Aug 2, 2016
Close down please, then followed by SABC and SAA etc etc...
SABC will never close, the ANC needs them to portray the government as this glorious bunch of nice people
SAA will never ever close down as government officials in parliament get free flights locally and internationally for themselves and their families. Some of them have this as a benefit for entire lifetime. I know Trevor Manual still has this benfit. So nope, it is never ever ever ever gonna go away.

viva ANC :love:


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May 18, 2009
Get the unions that made the people to strike for so long, to fix the company!
I think it's more internal inefficiencies, maladministration, stiff competition, etc more than the strike. The need for huge floor space has diminished with emergence of specialist courier companies that are more efficient, as well as much of what PO used to do going online. They need to move with the times.