SA Post Office closing branches as it is unable to pay rent


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Apr 20, 2005
I doubt they’d allow it to fail.. you’d have to live under a heavy rock to think it will be allowed in most countries.. what I do have to hope for is that they reduce share down to a minority and allow the business to be run as such. Ie lesser union - political manipulation.

Who will want to be part of that though is another story as the mandate won’t change, ie globally the difference between a post office and a private postal entity is service area. so your other parcel delivery and postal services go where there is some operating profit.. Post Office (national) will never be operating at a profitable basis everywhere.. there will be losses and profitable routes will be competed for.

At best you can “try” and be best or reliable in class but how you factor in competition where there is no monopoly to aid you is the challenge as the business is competed with in the “nicer” easier areas which are over serviced.

People & politicians comparing it to Postnet.. lmfao. Different animal that, not acknowledging that you making a mockery of listeners intelligence just suggesting this comparison due mandate. Telecoms is a good example.. you don’t for a second think telecoms would cover as wide an area as they do.. I mean people do understand this or has forum gatvolness overtaken rationality too now?
I can send via PostNet to just about any town or major geo area. SAPO the same, SAPO does not do more. If you live on a farm out in the sticks, SAPO tells you to stuff off and you have to collect at the nearest office (no options available), yet we I could get some courier that will most likely deliver it for a cost.

Our big problem is SAPO being protected in law, ICASA failing miserably in their supervisory role. In turn that actually opened up the market for competition. Why did banks stop using SAPO for delivering bank cards, was the reasons not on TV? Why did businesses push to rather email you something than mail it to you. I can go on and on.

Part of the reason why stuff sits in customs just about forever, is that SAPO cannot pre-pay customs fee. They have to get money together to pay to get a batch of stuff released. There is a reason why many overseas sellers don't offer South Africa as a destination anymore.

This is also exactly why my $1 component from the East has a surcharge of $20 - $25 to send via a private courier, or play Russian roulette with SAP to receive something needed in two weeks in 6-18 months if I'm lucky, where they could have made a profit charging less than I pay. My other alternative is just buy new and turf the old, not only creating wastage, but an additional outflow of revenue. Rinse and repeat my personal example which extends to a large portion of the service industry.

While I hear what you're trying to say, trying to de-politicize and de-unionize anything in South Africa is a pipe dream. The unions are quite happy to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs - see SAA. Politicians don't have a clue, would rather paint a nice picture, protect one job that each results in 10 losing theirs elsewhere. There is no balance of interests and a distinct shortsightedness ito SOEs, the (gluttonous) holy cows. We saw that with Telkom, the damage they caused. Invariably these "good stories to tell" all have nightmare endings.

We simply cannot afford SAPO. We need scales of efficiency. That "lady with two children", will easily find a job at the competition if she's good at what she does and we stop that which destroys the economy, jobs and the country. SAPO is a prime example. Atm flogging the dead horse will only make the transition worse.

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Jan 6, 2020
Got a speeding ticket in the POST today. Couldn't believe my eyes. The photo was of another dude using my plate number. If it wasn't for the Post Office I wouldn't have had my laugh for the day.


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Jun 27, 2008
That means government must pay another airline
No airline is gonna run a tab for flying politicians in the hope of being paid
With SAA its just jump aboard, the tax payer will foot the bill
"free flights" as in the ZA taxpayer pays for those seats just like it is now, but without the ZA tax payer paying for an airline.