SAA corruption – R375 million for tyres and R85 million for catering

R2.8 bar a month to run a BS tacky SAA lounge with a bunch of pigs lying around. FFS.
He stressed that it has been very difficult for the SIU to investigate these allegations as many SAA staff members were retrenched and did not hand over critical documents, making it difficult to obtain contact information from the airline.
Makes it sound like it was the witou's Jan's fault that proper processes were not followed.
Let SAA,die,of what use is SAA to us,plenty other airlines to service Air travel needs.
Send the money to Eskom for diesel fuel.
The SAA cannot and will not be saved. The whole business rescue process was tainted with corruption, lies and cover-ups. The airline will fly a while until we hear about the needs for bailouts again. Thank god the government has run out of money and can no longer give anything but guarantees. Investors are not stupid and will not lend money to these people. These guarantees now mean absolutely nothing. They will never raise the capital they want, even with the guarantees in place.