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May 24, 2010
SAA disaster

Less than three weeks after taking to the skies again, South African Airways (SAA) is already facing a backlash from staff, cancelled flights, and support problems.

Only days after launching re-launching flights on 23 September 2021, SAA made significant changes to its new international schedule.
Last paragraph says it all

This is familiar territory for South Africans who are tired of funding a failed airline gutted by mismanagement and corruption, and which burned through billions in bailouts.

Unbelievable - they restarted operations before there was an equity deal? What the ****, seriously.
CARTOON: Just don't abandon the SAA ship
The problem here started when the ANC, especially Cyril and Jamdas, manipulated the business rescue process. There was a lot of corruption from government in this process. SAA could never have survived any business rescue action. It needed to be liquidated and closed down. But, government knew what the consequences would be in terms of debt and collapse of the economy and all other SOEs. So, understandable, there was no other choice but to interfere in this process and ensure the airline would never be liquidated.

The next corruption in this process is the deal with Takaso. This 'equity partner' will not be investing a single cent of its own money into the SAA. They will only be investing the new profits made by the SAA if it ever takes off again. No honest or sane business would ever have involved itself with the SAA or its business operations in the condition it is in.

The only option the SA Government has left now, and they placed themselves in this position, is to cut the huge expense on grant payments and start repaying its debt. If not, the cross-default clause on their debt agreements may soon be happening again and they will face a total collapse of the economy in any event.