SABC acts on leasing of luxury cars


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Jul 22, 2003
SABC acts on luxury cars

Disciplinary action will be taken by the SABC after a probe into the use of leased luxury vehicles by its news teams, the broadcaster said on Thursday.
Disciplinary action will be taken, in layman's term it means the culprits will be suspended for 2 months with full pay.
Surely a decision to spend more than R20m goes all the way up to CEO/CFO level? These idiots insult our intelligence:mad:
So any guess what the penalties for paying for prostitutes out of company expenses are?
But its innocent guys. The guy said they ran out of toyotas and they had to send the mercedes. *roll eyes*
What is with these people and luxury cars! Was their childhood dreams to drive in a luxury car or something.
Just another reason why we shouldn't pay TV licenses. Screw this bunch and their abuse of money.