SABC Bill released - Minister wants to give himself another 3 years to develop an alternative to TV Licences


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May 24, 2010
This is the plan for TV Licences in South Africa

Parliament has published the draft South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Bill of 2023, giving communications minister Mondli Gungubele three years from its commencement to develop a funding model.

The SABC's finances are dire, with the public broadcaster failing to turn a profit for the last decade, but government continues to drag its feet when it comes to finding a solution.
3 Years???

Most businesses will have plans in days and within weeks implementation and a turn around strategy...

This is just another delay tactic as they have no plan to fix it, and 3 years later just ask for a bigger bailout.
It is all about living on the taxpayers' bailouts and enriching the ministers and presidents of the country - stuffing the couches with $100 bills. They know they cannot save the SABC or turn it profitable. But, they need to get their hands on taxpayer money.
So a bill giving 3 years to come up with a bill.
Exactly what I was thinking, but do you think there is a chance of the sheeple "masses" keeping them in power beyond 2024?