SABC refuses to show Nando’s ad


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Nov 22, 2010
SABC refuses to air Nando’s ad

The SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has refused to flight fast food franchise Nando’s latest advertisement, which questions xenophobia, because it apparently contravenes regulations, it was reported on Monday...
Haven't watched SABC in years, well other than watching the lotto.
Good, and I refuse to pay my TV license.
SABC can kiss my scrawny arse.

*beep* *beep*
Oh look, another SMS confirming the imminent legal action that will be taken by the ANC's mouthpiece against my R3K outstanding amount.
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How I love Nandos ads. Its a pitty that they arn't as successful in SA as KFC. I was a long time KFC eater then my GF introduced me to Nandos, never been back to KFC, after eating REAL chicken. KFC just seems like flavored moosh thats suppose to be chicken. Makes you wonder whats in that chicken and if you really want it in your body. Anyway I'm off topic

/self righteous rant
I can see a whole lot of people getting upset over it! Not that Im one of them, I thought it was funny!
Love Nando's ads! But have to admit, I think that this one did go a little bit too far.
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Love Nando's ads! But have to admit, I think that one did go a little bit too far.

I agree with you here... the ad is not all that funny, and pushes buttons which have historically been problematic in SA.
Why enflame tensions where people have lost their lives before?

But having said all of that... the SABC can go take a flying leap anyway. They suck.
I wonder if they ever heard of the Streisand effect?

I for one would never have seen the vid if this did not come up. Also thumbs up for Nadndo's for a bloody good Ad. I LOVE it.

lol! that was funny! Poof!! I'm not going anywhere you @#$% found me here :D :D :D
Just because the ruling elite dont want to admit that at some point, the bantu speaking people migrated here from further north. Ie nobody except the Khoi san is native.

But when that was pointed out by that guy in Cape Town, he got called a racist. So I'm not surprised the ANC News Corp, I mean the SABC, wont show it.