SABRIC - South African Banking Risk Identification Centre


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Nov 22, 2010
SABRIC (South African Banking Risk Information Centre) is a section 21 company based in Midrand, established to assist the banking industry to combat organized crime. Key stakeholders of SABRIC are the banks and major Cash-in-Transit (CiT) companies. The principle business of SABRIC is to detect, prevent and reduce organized crime in the banking industry through effective public-private partnerships. The company also provides crime risk information and consequence management services to the banking industry and CiT companies.

One of our key responsibilities is the co-ordination of activities to address organized bank related crime, i.e., commercial and violent crime. We provide a range of services to our clients including representation and lobbying, project management support, research and developing industry best practices for crime reduction.

The company interfaces with a range of external organizations and public and private partners, most notably to progress crime risk reduction.