SAFibre, Frogfoot, and ISPA membership


May 10, 2007
Hi everyone

Frogfoot is currently trenching in Pinelands, WC, with completion estimated to be end August. We have Openserve at the moment, but their prices are way too high (and it is Telkom!).

Looking at the Frogfoot website, it seems like SAFibre is by far the most cost effective option (I'm particularly looking at 20mbps uncapped - with mostly streaming taking place: YouTube, Netflix, etc).

Given that things that appear to be too good to be true often are, I called them to ask about how they can come to market at such a price. Their response was that they were initially focused on gated communities, but that this "didn't work out so well" and now they are pricing low to break into the national market.

My concern is that there is almost nothing written about them either on forums or, indeed, anywhere else. Furthermore, of all the major players, they do not appear to be members of the Internet Service Providers’ Association.

Does anyone have any experience with SAFibre? Should I be concerned that they are not members of ISPA?

There is a great thread called "Comparing ISP networks" (, but SAFibre are not listed so I have no idea about peering or transit.

Any help would be appreciated! It is a month-2-month contract, but I'd rather not have to chop and change unnecessarily.